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If you're in Melbourne and in need of a cake for any occasion, then browsing through cake shops in Melbourne is probably the first contact you’ll have with looking at cake designs and meeting the cake artists themselves. An important feature of cake shops in Melbourne is the availability of the staff to meet with you and discuss your requirements and show you some examples of cakes that they can make for your event.

We have consultations with our customers all day Monday to Saturday to allow our customers to get the best outcome they are dreaming of and also gives us an opportunity to work with the customer to get a really good idea of what they are after. If you come across any cake shops in Melbourne that don't allow customers to discuss cake requirements, they are probably best avoided because you don’t want to pay for something that might turn out completely different to how you imagined.

So if it's a discussion about wedding cakes, kids cakes, corporate cakes, engagement cakes or birthday cakes that you need, give us a call for an appointment today.



Welcome to Fantasy Cakes

Fantasy Cakes is a boutique cake business that has been operating in Melbourne for over ten years. We work closely with every customer to create a unique and delicious cake for any celebration. Please browse through this site to find the perfect cake for your celebration.

- The Fantasy Cakes team









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Fantasy Cakes is a Melbourne based cake shop specialising in the design and creation of a wide range of cakes including Wedding Cakes, Kids Cakes, Engagement Cakes and Corporate Cakes
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